Bmw 525tds B0351 Engine Error Code

When you check Bmw 525tds car engine light came on code B0351 the reason should be . However Bmw manufacturer may have a different definition for the B0351 OBD-II Diagnostic Body (B) Trouble Code. So you should chech it on our car models.

B0351 Bmw 525tds Code Clear

On 1999 and later B0351 Bmw 525tds engines, the instrument cluster has a built-in self-diagnostic mode that can be accessed by pressing and holding the instrument cluster SELECT/RESET button. Insert the ignition key and turn to the RUN position (but don't crank or start engine). Continue to press and hold the SELECT/RESET button (for 5 seconds) until the word TEST is displayed by the odometer. Release the SELECT/RESET button within three seconds after the word TEST is displayed to begin the self-diagnostic mode.

B0351 Code Reason

Bmw 525tds B0351 OBD-II Diagnostic Body (B) Trouble Code Description

so you have to check ODB-II Engine Error Code list.

Reason For Bmw 525tds B0351 Code

The reason of Bmw 525tds B0351 OBD-II Engine Error Code is .

The rule of B0351 Bmw 525tds code when it comes to emissions-related vehicle repair is that any modification that changes the vehicle from a certified configuration to a non-certified configuration is considered tampering: this applies to both vehicle owners and repair facilities and is, therefore, a Federal offense. Replacing a catalyst with a straight pipe is one traditional example of . Likewise, overriding the OBD B0351 Bmw 525tds system through the use of high-tech defeat devices or non-certified computer chips, for example, would also be considered tampering. The OBD system may, however, be repaired back to its original certified configuration with certified performance chips or appropriate aftermarket parts.

Bmw 525tds B0351 Possible Solution :

Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won't start. Spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or 25 hours of use. You should also check that the spark plug gap is set properly. If your spark plugs look good, problems with your ignition system can also preventing a spark. These can range from a faulty spark plug lead, shorted kill switch or flywheel key damage.

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